The meetings are an invitation to fully rediscover who we are

and to let the Heart of Being unveil itself.

The Heart is our source, our true nature, free from all suffering and conditioning.

The meetings are shared with joy  and conviviality.

They are always unique, alive and spontaneous, as they are inspired by the energy of the Heart.

The Heart illuminates, heals and liberates.

Silence of the Heart…

“ Just take a take a moment, a rest, a deep breath…

Feel the space within…

an open space which listens for the first time,

that simply welcomes what is.

In this free openness that surrenders to itself,

the body loosens and relaxes naturally.

If a feeling, a pain or an emotion appears,

just let it unfold and fully be.

It is life expressing itself.

In love, life blossoms and returns to the silence from which it was born.

The silence of Being;  Silence of the Heart…”