“ We are not the history of our lives.

We are Life itself. ”

Somasekha was born in Cambodia.

When war broke out, she had to leave her country at the age of five.

Welcomed in France, she grew up there, studying law and becoming a jurist.

Since a very early age, she felt driven to search for the meaning of life and true happiness.

That impulse and her family background led her to discover Bhuddist philosophy, knowledge of which she deepened during many years.

She spent four years in India, at Kibi (the International Institute for Advanced Studies of Bhuddist Philosophy) to study Bhuddism.

Somasekha also undertook meditative retreats providing her with direct experience of the body, its energies and the mind, and helping to develop a natural gift for healing. In this way she was able to accompany and heal a number of people through a period of eight years.

During this time, as she was travelling, “the hidden evidence” arose :

“ It was a beautiful winter afternoon and I was walking in the streets and gardens of Amsterdam

when the veil collapsed ;

the feeling of being a separate individual disappeared.

Then there was no more time , no inside or outside , no subject or object.

What I believed the world to be, appeared in a new light with a total and unexpected freshness.

Beyond the frontier of duality, the world is revealed as being the natural radiance of infinite consciousness ;

the free expression of its joy, of its extasy, of its unconditional love.

Love is consciousness’song of freedom.

Love is life’s perfume, its divine smile.

It embraces everything ; it is everything.

In the open and clear space of this evidence,

there was fullness and awakening to the beauty of life.

Fullness of being back home ;

Fullness of peace and love ;

Fullness of the Heart. ”

Today, Somasekha shares the bliss of the heart through meetings and seminars.

A short background…